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Do you own a Fish & Chip shop, Forecourt or Leisure Business and are looking for a simple and easy way to increase your customer base and as a result improve your profits?

SFC Express is the solution. With a small initial investment, fast implementation and minimal operating costs, this business add-on could improve your weekly sales by 20%.
(* Costs based on a current weekly sales rate of £8,000)

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Low Investment – High Return

Low investment

On site training

High margin product


Quality chicken – hand breaded in store

Quality fresh product

Hand breaded in store

Customers favourite


Add on to your current business

Join the team

Add to your business

Increase your sales

Best Sellers

Return on Investment

Check out the figures to see the potential of adding SFC Express to your business! Our financial model has calculated your possible ‘Return on Investment’ based on a £8,000 current weekly turnover.

* We aim to provide you with the fastest possible turnaround, which is based on our current stock holding and lead times for bespoke products.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

We understand that every location is different and requires an individual solution.

We have a wide range of British-made Vizu equipment, from pressure fryers to simple storage units. With over 30 years industry experience, we are able to design a kitchen layout that perfectly fits your needs – and budget!

On-site Training Provided

Our experienced trainers will have you cooking top quality Southern Fried Chicken, using the great equipment and ingredient on-site in just a few hours. Initial training and bi-annual audit are required, charged at £400 per day.

Case Study


We first met John back in July 2017 when he was looking for ways to refurbish his fish and chip shop in Greenville, Hertfordshire.

He recognised that chicken, specifically fried chicken represented a great opportunity to grow his business. Understanding that chicken is the cheapest and most commonly consumed source of meat protein and that it is especially popular in young and ethnic markets made adding Southern Fried Chicken to his menu the obvious next step. A few googles later and John was chatting to the sales team here at Fast Food Systems.

With over 40 years of experience in the fast food industry and many years of experience at delivering all things fried chicken including marinades, breadings, cooking and hot holding equipment in fact everything except the chicken, we were able to support John in this project and deliver a cost effective solution to quickly add fried chicken to John’s menu.

Our SFC Express offer has been specifically designed for businesses just like John’s who can benefit from extending their menu but at a reasonable cost.

The SFC Express brand promises the consumer our premium product, cooked in a pressure fryer and held at the right temperature and humidity for perfect chicken up to 90 minutes after it has been cooked.

Like John’s shop, we ask for a 4 or 5 star hygiene rating to be maintained at all times so that the consumer can be confident that not only is the chicken hot, fresh and delicious it is also prepared safely.

Adding fried chicken is all about growing the business, not just moving sales from the fish fryer to the chicken fryer and we are confident in predicting a 20% growth in sales on chicken. Based on John’s initial investment from £11,995 this would see a payback period of around 13 weeks. Now, that’s not chicken feed!

John chose to take the leasing option instead of the full initial cost. Meaning over a three year period he was paying just £80.23 a week, allowing him to spread the cost, and enjoy the resulting weekly profits.

The SFC Express menu has been kept quite simple, 2 pieces of on the bone chicken, strips and a tortilla wrap. Selling as few as 23 two piece boxes per day will return the original investment in 57 weeks, that’s around 3 cooks per day or 1 hours worth of cooking.

* figures are estimates from a financial model based on costs and projections of sales relating to footfall figures. Seek advice from you leasing company

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